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Passenger Lift

The passenger lift is one of the most important part of any high-rise building to move people to and fro from different floors efficiently. Our passenger lifts can even be designed for buildings where space is an issue. Being one of the best passenger lift suppliers in India, we know that every building is constructed in a unique way. So, we at SEPL India Ltd., have solutions which can be used for both internal and external use as well as public and domestic environments. All the (manufacturing) products meet the Bureau of Indian Standards and European standards along with certificates issued by the concerned government authority. We also customize our products as per your requirements. Our passenger lifts are beautifully and luxuriously designed as per your expectations and can be easily integrated into the design of your building.

Features of Passenger lift

Self-diagnostic system and safety

ARD( Automatic Rescue Device) makes sure that your family members are safe even at the time of a power failure. Our lifts are equipped with automatic rescue device + manual rescue device, intercom, overload sensor, inbuilt CCTV camera. An analysis in an automatic appraisal of an operative system makes it self-diagnostic.


Our passenger lifts are ageless and have the life of more than 15-20 years without any technical snags, thus giving our customers value for their money.

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Technical Specification Of passenger lift

  • • Carrying Capacity - 5 to 30 passengers
  • • Speed - ranges from 0.7mps to 2 mps