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SEPL India Ltd. supplies a range of stairlifts to suit every client's home. Stair lifts are used to lift a person up and down the stairs on a chair which moves along the rail hence customers safety is paramount in each of our design. We meet the Bureau of Indian Standards and European standards along with certificate issued by the concerned government authority. The size of chairs is different and is customized according to the proportions of the person for whom the stairlift is intended. Our stair lift price depends on the height, length and type of stairs and the price offered shall be according to your needs.

Features Of Stair Lift

Our stair lifts come with a wide variety of features such as adjustable seat height, battery isolation switches, flip-up rail, key switch, speed governor, soft start and stop.


Our stair lifts have advanced arm-interlocks that prevent accidental use when alighting to and from the seat.


The seat-belts have been moved higher for increased comfort when locking and unlocking.

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Specification of Stair lift
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Technical Specification Of Stair Lift

  • • Padded Seat and Backrest
  • • Controls are easy to access
  • • Safety Belts
  • • Folding footrest and armrest are available
  • • Swivel seat - no need for twisting the body to get on and off the lift
  • • Lockable switch for ON and OFF
  • • To provide the status of the lift diagnostic digital display is provided
  • • For emergency stopping of the lift, five sensors are provided on footrest